49th Senate District Democratic candidate Julie Slomski declares victory over opponent Andre Horton

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A candidate has declared victory in the 49th Senate District Democratic primary race.

Julie Slomski’s campaign team made the announcement this morning saying the decision comes as Slomski leads opponent Andre Horton of a nearly two to one margin.

As the candidate now looks to move forward to the November election, issues that she says will continue to be on her radar include health care and a high minimum wage.

“I’ve just heard people in every aspect from this pandemic being laid off and losing their health care, so just making sure it is truly accessible and affordable. I mean it’s a human right and finding a way to help our businesses recover from this pandemic and being able to move forward, it’s all about community unity. That’s what I want to focus on,” said Julie Slomski, D, candidate, 49th District PA Senate.

Slomski will face Republican incumbent Dan Laughlin in the general election.

Laughlin made the following comments:

“In my first term, I was honored to deliver for the people of Erie. From $14 million in recurring state revenue that saved the city’s schools to a renewed focus on economic development and the good jobs that come with it, I’ve always stood for the people of this district.

I delivered $14 million to save Erie’s schools, while Julie wouldn’t return their phone calls. I stand firm in opposing increased income and sales taxes. Julie spent five years working for an administration that tried to impose unprecedented hikes in income and sales taxes.

Julie Slomski thinks it’s a good idea to charge Erie families an admission fee to visit Presque Isle. I say that Presque Isle is an Erie treasure, not a Harrisburg treasure chest. As long as I’m in the senate, nobody’s going to start charging our kids for access to a state park their parents already paid for with their taxes.

That fight’s not over. But it will be and I intend for Erie to come out the winner.”

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