A joint statement from the chairmen of the Erie County Democratic and Republican Parties

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Verel Salmon, the Chaiman of the Erie County Republican Party, along with Jim Wertz, the chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party, have recently released the following joint statement.

As we enter the final days of a spirited campaign, the Chairman of the Erie County Democratic and Republican Parties affirms our commitment to the democratic process and the officials who oversee that process in Erie County.

Elections are one of the most difficult and logistically-challenging operations for county governments to carry out.

In some Pennsylvania counties, election offices are overseen, and the daily work administered, by just one or two people. We feel lucky that here, in Erie County, our election office is run by a committed staff of county employees who work every day to process voter registrations, to answer questions from the general public, and to address any problems that emerge in the voting process.

In most election cycles, the work of this committed staff is enough. However, the 2020 cycle brought a new set of challenges amplified by the enthusiasm that surrounds a presidential election year.

Covid-19, as well as the introduction of mail ballots and early voting, created unforeseen obstacles in our voting processes.

To address and overcome those obstacles, our election officials added more staff, trained more daily hires, and worked tirelessly as a call center and a data processing center, in addition to being Erie County’s only early voting site.

The Erie County Election Office, its leadership and staff, and the Erie County Board of Elections have met these responsibilities and responded to the concerns of our Parties and our voters attentively and professionally.

We’re grateful to have such a responsive effort from our local election administrators. They have our full trust and faith.

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