City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember renewed an Election Day tradition in the city on Tuesday.

The effort between Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) and the City of Erie helps get elderly people out to vote by way of a trolley ride to their precinct and back home.

The mayor said the initiative has received positive feedback from the community, as the people who take advantage of the ride are committed to voting.

“They’ve been voting all their lives. They’re all elderly, as I am too, but it’s a great experience for them and for me, and it puts me on a high every time we do this,” said Mayor Schember.

“This is just another way that we can help support those folks getting out and doing their civic duty by voting and having the mayor on board our trolley is always exciting for us,” said Sarah Morrison, director of marketing and public relations for EMTA.

Morrison added the effort helps EMTA ensure they are reaching out and helping the community.