The staff of the Erie County Election Office said they are now in the next phase of their post-election process of canvassing ballots.

Tonia Fernandez, director of elections, said the office staff is looking at the 462 damaged mail-in ballots and transcribing them to be scanned in order to retrieve the results.

She said 84 provisional ballots are also being counted on Friday that were cast at the polls and planned to complete the transcribing and counting of ballots by 1 p.m.

Fernandez added the ballots being counted will be included in the results from election night.

“We haven’t certified anything yet. The Board of Elections still needs to do a first signing, which will probably wait until we’re done adjudicating. Today, after we’re done with our final counts, we’ll begin looking at the write-in votes and we expect that process to take us about a week,” said Tonia Fernandez, director of elections, Erie County Election Office.

Adjudication will start as soon as ballot canvassing is completed.