The primary election is less than one month away and the Erie County Board of Elections is getting ready for a safe and secure election.

Logic and accuracy testing began Tuesday in the office of elections. The Erie County Board of Elections is testing ballots and election equipment that will be used for the upcoming primary elections on May 16.

“We have what we call a test deck, which actually has some of the ovals filled out next to candidates’ names, and we have a predetermined result,” said Tonia Fernandez, director of elections – voter registration, County of Erie.

The office will then run those ballots and ensure the results are accurate.

“It’s an exciting process and we haven’t seen any discrepancies yet. So the machines work really well,” said Fernandez.

This primary, there are 122 offices throughout the county with 251 candidates.

“People should feel confident that they’re voting in the way that they feel comfortable and all of those votes are going to come here,” Charlie Bayle, chairman of the Erie County Board of Elections.

Don’t be alarmed when you arrive at the polls as the board of elections is using a new gadget this year.

“The electronic poll pads are new this year. We’re doing a soft rollout in any of the precincts that have two polling sites at them,” said Randall Sutter, election clerk.

Instead of having multiple registration tables, the idea is to have one table serve as four lines. The new poll pads were designed to remove human error and were purchased with the Act 88 election integrity funds.

“The only difference is that it’s electronic,” Sutter added. “The minority inspector will still have to initial for each signature.”

“We want fair, we want accurate, and that’s what we’re going to get in Erie County,” Bayle said.

If you have not registered to vote you still have time, the deadline is May 1 and it’s always encouraged to check your party affiliation.