The next steps for the nomination petitions are being planned now that the submission deadline has come and gone.

Tonia Fernandez, the Erie County director of elections, said the election office has accepted 315 nominations due to some candidates choosing to cross-file for multiple offices.

She added that this means candidates are able to circulate nomination petitions for the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party.

Now that nomination petitions are filed, Fernandez explained the next steps.

“Right now, the next step is we’ll have a lot draw for ballot positions and we’re going to have that on March 15 in room 114A. We’ll also have a link available for zoom so if a candidate is unable to attend then we can pull the ball for them,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez said Tuesday, March 14, is the last day to file a rejection to a candidates petition. Rejections should be filed in the prothonotary’s office.