Candidates for Erie county executive take to the streets for one final push to get voters to the polls

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The Erie county executive race includes six candidates, two republicans and four democrats.

These candidates are taking to the city and county streets for one final push to get voters to the polls.

These candidates have been busy for the past couple of days knocking on doors, handing out campaign signs, and encouraging voters to head to the polls.

The six candidates running for county executive said that they’ve spent the day at different polling locations.

Democrat Rita Bishop said that she spoke to some voters in Union City.

“You’re the only candidate we have seen. Well you know I’ve been the one that’s out for outside of the City of Erie and that’s why I’m out because all through my campaign. I was all over the county so I am again,” said Rita Bishop, (D), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Another candidate said that he’s also taken to county roads to campaign today.

Republican Candidate Brenton Davis said that he told voters he has put in the ground work.

“We don’t have the opportunity for candidates to become elected and walk into the office on day one and have to figure out what the next move is. Not only do I know what the next move is, but I’m already doing it,” said Brenton Davis, (R), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Davis’s opponent, Republican Candidate Shawn Wroblewski, said that recently he has been meeting as many people in Erie as possible.

Wroblewski said that he wants to be a voice for the community.

“There are a lot of people that need other resources that the other community and the county have been giving them and we need to start addressing some of these issues, get people back on their feet and give them a chance to thrive,” said Shawn Wroblewski, (R), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Democratic Candidate Dylanna Graysinger shares similar sentiments. She said that meeting people has been a large part of her campaign.

“Of course you know being mindful of COVID, but lots of door knocking and really just you know getting out there and trying to meet as many people as I can over the past few weeks as we wind down,” said Dylanna Graysinger, (D), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Democratic Candidate Tyler Titus said that throughout his campaign the community’s hope has been inspiring.

“When I am on the doors and I am talking to voters, they are excited about change. They are excited to move forward they believe. There is so much hope. Even as we’re going through this pandemic and we’re on the end of it there is so much hope about possibly,” said Tyler Titus, (D), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Democratic Candidate Carl Anderson took the polls with his son this morning. He describes the campaign process as rewarding.

“Exciting and fun to get out and see people. I think everybody is ready to get back out and socialize and so it’s been very rewarding,” said Carl Anderson, (D), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

All of the candidates agree that this is a great reason for people to get out of the house and exercise their right to vote.

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