The 2023 general election is in full swing as people are heading to the polls to cast their ballots.

Barbara Skonieczky is the election judge for Erie 5th Ward District 14 and said she has been involved with Election Day for over 20 years where she started as a machine operator.

Skonieczky added the poll pads that are implemented at all precincts for Tuesday’s election have made the voting process easy for voters as well as poll workers while checking people in.

The election judge said it’s important to have a full staff of poll workers on Election Day to ensure all voters are attended to equally and fairly.

“That’s true — you don’t want to be too busy that you can’t pay attention to what’s going on or be able to answer questions, but the primary thing is to make sure that they are actually registered to vote,” said Skonieczky.

Skonieczky went on to say it’s imperative that everyone votes in order to have a voice in local decisions.