The City of Erie confirmed former President Donald Trump’s campaign has been given a $5,200 bill for overtime incurred by the Erie Police Department Saturday to cover Trump’s rally at the Erie Insurance Arena.

On Monday, WJET also heard from local political leaders about the weekend rally where the former president addressed many topics, including the recent indictment charges he’s facing.

Erie County Republican Party chairman Tom Eddy said he’s proud a person of that stature would come to Erie County.

“It created a lot of energy. People were enjoying themselves, and the nice thing about it, and I have always recognized this as I have been to a lot of his rallies, is that you never see any problems,” said Eddy.

Erie County Democratic Party chairman Jim Wertz said Trump’s visit shows that Democrats are unified against whoever the Republican candidate is in 2024.

“I didn’t talk to many people who were very enthusiastic about Saturday’s event. I attended the SeaWolves game, it looked like it was a mild attendance down and around the civic arena,” said Wertz.

Trump said his trip back to Erie will be the first of many as he looks to get back on the campaign trail.