Concern is growing over the safety of poll workers ahead of next Tuesday’s election.

While poll workers are still needed, local election officials say they’re seeing more interest from the public.

Poll workers play a vital role on Election Day, and this coming election Tuesday is no different.

“We have clerks who sit at the registration table, we have machine operators, and then we have judge of elections. So the judge of election is actually in charge of all the other workers. There’s a little bit more to their position. They have to show up a little bit earlier, and they stay a little bit later,” said Tonia Fernandez, Erie County Election Supervisor.

While there still is a need for poll workers this upcoming election, there has been an uptick in interest thus far.

“It’s two days a year, very important days. The day actually goes by pretty fast — it’s a long day, but it’s it goes by pretty fast. And you do get compensated for your time,” said Fernandez.

At Thursday’s Board of Elections meeting, they agreed, Erie County’s Election process is transparent to its residents.

“The fact we can come to an agreement and be comfortable with the integrity and the honesty and the accuracy, I think that speaks a lot for the process. So yeah, I feel very good about where Erie County is with voting and with elections,” said Mary Rennie, chair, board of elections.

Officials are confident there will be enough poll workers come Tuesday, however, anyone interested can still call the Erie County Election Office to sign up.