Crawford County is looking to consolidate its precincts to make voting easier for residents.

They are in the process of consolidating seven precincts down to three in Titusville, and moving from nine precincts to six in Meadville.

Crawford County Election Board Chairman Christopher Soff says its been very difficult finding poll workers and having a full board of elections for all 68 voting precincts in the county.

“Especially in the past couple years, it has been extremely difficult to find a full board consisting of six people. You have a judge of elections, a majority and minority inspector, and three clerks. And frankly they make sure everything goes smoothly in those individual precincts on election day,” said Christopher Soff, Crawford County election board chairman.

The election board has already voted to make a petition to the court. On Tuesday, they will have a hearing in front of the Court of Common Pleas.