Democratic and Republican Chairmen of Erie County speak out about the 2020 primary election

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As many people head to the polls today, there are a lot of things that will feel different this time around as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt every aspect of life.

The Democratic and Republican chairmen of Erie County said that many voters would have new experiences across the county with different ways to cast their ballot.

Erie County would not only be voting by mail, but many would also vote with the use of voting machines. Many people would have to follow social distancing guidelines as well.

Both parties said that the younger generation should understand the importance of voting and the importance to go out there and vote.

“We live in the country right now it’s a dangerous place for young black men to leave their homes and navigate around their communities. We have race riots. We have a president calling the National Guard so this year in particular 2020 is such a watermark and bench mark for why people need to get out and exercise their rights to vote,” said Jim Wertz, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Erie County.

Verel Salmon, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Erie County also released the following statement:

“I saw a group of teenage girls and so forth. I mean it’s just hard to understand and comprehend what the lack of understanding is about how vital our democracy how crucial it is that we participate in the party of your choice, but get out there and participate,” said Verel Salmon, Chairman for the Republican Party of Erie County.

The deadline to hand deliver absentee or mail-in ballots will be June 2nd at 8 p.m.

Erie County would be one of the few counties that continues to receive absentee or mail-in ballots by mail on June 9th at 5 p.m.

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