Democratic mayoral candidate Tom Spagel calls for mayoral debate, Mayor Schember says it’s too late

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Primary Election Day 2021 is just two weeks away and Democratic Mayoral Candidate Tom Spagel is challenging incumbent Mayor Joe Schember to a debate.

Mayor Schember said that the debate may not happen because no one reached out to him.

Mayor Schember and challengers Tom Spagel and Sydney Zimmerman are getting closer to voters deciding who will be the Democratic candidate.

The election is just two weeks away and candidate Tom Spagel is challenging Mayor Joe Schember to a debate.

According to the mayor, it is too late for a debate.

“My real focus is doing door to door and I don’t think it’s time to get a sponsor and get a debate. That should have been planned months ago really,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D), City of Erie.

The mayor said that he and Spagel have crossed paths before and he hasn’t been asked for a debate.

“I just don’t know why we didn’t get this going further because we’ve been together a couple of times and we’ve expressed different opinions on things,” said Mayor Schember.

Although the mayor said that it is too late for a debate, will there still be one?

“I think that there should be a series of debates and I’d love to meet both Sydney and Mayor Schember at their convenience just let me know,” said Tom Spagel, (D) Mayoral Candidate.

Spagel is arguing that there is still time for a debate. He said that a debate won’t take long and voters should have the opportunity to see all of the candidates.

Spagel said that he would like to address why City Hall still isn’t open, how the city’s finances are looking, and more of the mayor’s record.

“There’s a number of issues that we need to address and the best way to do that is an open formative debate,” said Spagel.

The election is just two weeks from today. We have also reached out to candidate Sydney Zimmerman but have yet to hear from her.

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