Democratic presidential candidates get ready to battle out in New Hampshire primaries

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As Democratic candidates continue to crisscross New Hampshire, the results aren’t yet final.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has responded to an apparent fourth place finish by launching far more pointed attacks, first criticizing Senator Bernie Sanders’ ideology. Biden then took direct attacks at Pete Buttigieg over his lack of experience.

Meanwhile, the top Iowa performers are both frustrated that the complete results have yet to be released.

I assume that one of these years that vote count will be completed. As of 70% of the count, we are winning the popular vote.

Senator Bernie Sanders, (D) Presidential Candidate

Buttigieg, presidential candidate and former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, responded with calling this moment in the campaign one of the best, if not the best. Buttigieg also said he would have felt good about having the results officially verified on the same day rather than having the results as they come in.

No candidates have dropped out so far, but it is believed New Hampshire could start to thin the pack.

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