New changes could be coming to the Pennsylvania House for the first time in almost a decade.

Local politicians are weighing in, telling us what this could mean for the state and in Erie.

The possibility of Democrats taking over the Pennsylvania state House is creating a sense of hope, but others say it could hurt more than help.

For the first time in almost a decade, Democrats are feeling optimistic that they have enough House seats to win the House. 

Pennsylvania Representative Ryan Bizzarro of the 3rd District says the potential flip will be game changing.

“Clearly the majority of Pennsylvanians have spoke and they overwhelmingly voted for Democrat,” said Ryan Bizzarro, D, Pennsylvania Representative 3rd District.

The chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party recalls continuous discussions about issues in Pennsylvania and says that Republicans have been in charge of both chambers of the legislature.

“This is a great opportunity, not only for Democrats here in Pennsylvania to push forth an agenda that is for working Pennsylvanians, but also a great opportunity for Josh Shapiro to have to help execute his agenda as well,” said Jim Wertz, chairman, Erie County Democratic Party.

The chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, Tom Eddy, says he believes that the Republicans will hold the House, and if they do not, then more negative policies will be pushed forward that will hurt the average American in Pennsylvania.

If the flip inside the House takes place, Wertz says it will be a big deal for Erie as Rep. Bizzarro serves in the House as the Democratic Policy chair.

“When you have somebody in leadership in the General Assembly in your community that means that you get a little bit more love and a little bit more attention along the way,” said Wertz.

Bizzarro commented, “We’re going to be able to redirect even more money back to the Erie community and quite frankly this community deserves it.”

Bizzarro says there could be a majority by one or two members, but the mission to make Pennsylvania a better place will continue.