(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — As the race for Pennsylvania Senate continues, Republican Candidate and TV Personality Dr. Oz visited Warren Tuesday for a town hall meeting.

Republican candidate running for Pennsylvania Senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz, visited the Erie region for the second time since his campaign began.

The candidate visited the Women’s Club of Warren, where dozens of voters showed up to hear more about his campaign.

Several constituents asked questions about Dr. Oz’s plans to advocate for rural areas of the commonwealth.

“I think if you ask these folks they won’t think I’m too liberal, I’m a common sense Republican, I’m conservative, I always have been. I’m strongly pro-life, strongly pro-Second Amendment. I understand the value of taking natural gas out of our soil and protecting our national interests. So I’m an American first candidate, I always have been,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, (R), Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate.

Dr. Oz said he will continue to travel through the state until his message is heard.

“People feel that we can’t fill up our factories, young people don’t want to get engaged. A lot of folks feel like no one’s there to watch out for them. That’s not true, we can do this. I’m more optimistic every single day I campaign through Pennsylvania, because everybody is looking for workers, everyone is looking for opportunities, they’ve got really good ideas, they just want the federal government out of their hair,” said Dr. Oz.

One organizer said it’s important to have candidates of all parties visit the area.

“The mission of the Warren’s Club is to keep people engaged in community events. So, of course, we welcome all candidates Republican, Democrat, we don’t care what the party is, we just want our folks here in Warren to be more informed. Because the more informed they are, the better voters they can be,” said Ruth Barnes Shaw, President, Women’s Club of Warren.

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The president of the organization said it’s great to host these kinds of events where constituents can engage with candidates again.