Eric Trump speaks at the Bayfront Convention Center to rally up supporters

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Eric Trump rallied up a crowd of hundreds of supporters along the Bayfront this evening. The 36-year-old son of the President made the case for his father’s re-election.

Well before Eric Trump arrived here in Erie at the Bayfront Convention Center, crowds of supporters showed up as well.

“I love Trump and I just want to come and hear everything they have to say. He keeps his word and he’s an honest man. A lot of people don’t think so, but he is,” said Judy Miculandra, Trump Supporter.

Some people who showed up at the event were still undecided if the president should get another four years in office.

“I’ve got a red and a blue star, so I’m giving everybody a fair shake,” said Marie Regep, Undecided Voter.

Along the Bayfront Connector, not everyone was in support of the President or his son.

This small, but vocal group seemed to be supporting President Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.

“I don’t want anything about him. I think he’s a complete failure,” said Cherie Crovhelia, Biden Supporter.

Christine Wurst, another Biden supporter, said that 200,000 Americans are now dead because of the president due to the fact that he did not want to cause a panic.

“As you can see people on the side for Biden are all wearing a mask like everyone should. The idiots over there on the other hand, ‘why wear a mask,” said Christine Wurst, Biden Supporter.

Directly across from the protesters were Trump supporters. The waterside venue allowed 250 people under the tent, but according to police, the crowd exceeded over 500.

Eric Trump took a moment during his speech to bash the Biden-Harris campaign for not making in-person stops.

“Joe Biden will not be leaving the house today. I mean you got 44 days left to go in a presidential election and the guy won’t leave the house. You got Don out there doing ten states a day,” said Eric Trump.

Little to no social distancing was shown during this event along the waters edge.

Despite the COVID-19 mitigation efforts, Trump supporters claimed that they felt safe.

“Being outside it’s over done. What they do with people being outside. Plus if they can do as everyone knows, they can have a protest. Why can’t they do something like this? It’s ridiculous,” said Cherie Mackey, Trump Supporter.

Those who showed up to this event said that they are thankful to have a member of the Trump family in town.

“I think it shows they truly care. I whole heartedly think Trump cares about America. Regarless of if you like him or not or voted for him, he cares about everyone in America,” said Shannon Perry, Trump Supporter.

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