Erie County Board of Elections employees prepare for processing mail-in ballots

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There is a quickly rising number of mail-in ballots flooding the Erie County Elections Office.

This comes as record number of people are voting by mail in the commonwealth.

Here is a look inside the office and the Board of Elections employees are preparing.

36,000 is the number of mail-in ballots that the Board of Elections is currently processing. They are working hard around the clock with the election being less than eight days away.

Time is of the essence as Erie County Board of Elections Employees are processing thousands of mail-in ballots.

“We’re really busy answering questions. A lot of voters are calling to see if their ballot made it into our office. Some people are getting email confirmations and others are not,” said Tonia Fernandez, Election Supervisor for the Erie County Board of Elections.

According to Fernandez, more than 57,000 Erie County residents applied for mail-in ballots.

Once your ballot is signed, sealed and delivered, the Board of Elections employees will process your ballot by scanning the ballot into the election system. Each ballot is also time stamped.

“We need to have them all processed by Election Day. That’s our goal to prepare for pre-canvassing activities and open and prepare for scanning,” Said Doug Smith, Clerk of Elections for Erie County.

Outside the courthouse, Erie County residents are stopping by to cast their mail-in ballots and said this election could shape the next four years.

“This is unprecedented right? We’re all wearing masks and trying to make sure our vote is counted. I think every year we feel that way but this year we can feel it a little bit more,” said Owen Wilcoxson, Erie Resident.

Residents who applied for a mail-in ballot should receive an email confirming their ballot is being processed at the Board of Elections.

If you haven’t had the chance to apply for a mail-in ballot, you can stop at the county courthouse tomorrow to receive an application.

Election Board members said that it’s expected to be a very busy day so stop in early tomorrow.

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