The Erie County Office of Elections reported a 35% voter turnout Tuesday.

The Erie County Clerk, Karen Chillcott, said 24% of registered voters headed to the polls on election day. Meanwhile, 10% of registered voters mailed in their ballots.

Chillcott added according to election workers, the poll pads worked effectively.

She said while more voter participation is encouraged, she’s glad to see people heading to the polls for a municipal election.

“We’re looking at the numbers of voters that turned out at each precinct. We’re comparing those with the votes that were counted, so we’re making sure that we’re not short any and we certainly don’t want any extras either. So, today is reconciliation. On Friday we’re looking at military ballots, provisional ballots and any damaged ballots, so we’ll be doing the final vote on those on Friday,” Chillcott said.

She went on to say there are more than 173,000 registered voters in Erie County.