Erie County Council held a special meeting to discuss how they plan to fill the newly vacant seat.

County Councilwoman Mary Rennie resigning earlier this week.

A resignation from Erie County Council Vice Chair Mary Rennie led to a special meeting Friday where several community members were voicing their concerns about the vacancy.

“We had somebody resign who felt that it was unworkable to work with in this administration and that there was not visibility and accountability, and I should be alarming to everyone,” said Cindy Purvis, an Erie County resident.

County council making the decision to post an application so that democrats in the third district can be considered for the seat.

One county councilman said they will have to find a replacement in a timely manner.

She raised the bar for all of us, especially when it comes to the finance part of it and we’re heading into budget season so it’s important that the seventh member so that when we start the process, we’re all intact,” said Terry Scutella, Erie County Councilman.

County Council President Brian Shank said he’s confident this application process will help them find the right person for the job.

“We want to make sure that person that sits in that chair has a clear voice and can basically learn on the run because they’re going to be voted in one day get a handshake, get a pen and it’s time to go to work. So, that person better be ready to go to work and I think we’re going to find that person,” Shank said.

Erie County Council is now accepting applications to fill the vacant role.

Applicants can email, mail or hand deliver a resume and letter of interest to the Erie County Clerk’s office ( located in room 114 in the Erie County Courthouse before August, 9 at noon.