Erie County Democrats speak out about signature collections for the primary ballot

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Today is the first Saturday of the beginning of the signature collection for the Erie Democratic candidates to be on the primary ballot.

We went over to the Erie County Democratic Headquarters on State Street where we spoke with the candidates.

COVID did not alter any plans at the Erie County Democratic Headquarters where people could come in from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to sign on their chosen candidates petition.

People joined the Democratic Headquarters in Erie to sign petitions for their chosen candidate for hopes that they will be on the primary ballot on May 18th.

“There is a couple of people that are going to be really good candidates. I made sure to save a couple signatures for them and looked around the room and got to know a couple of candidates themselves,” said Chuck Nelson, Erie Resident.

Regularly during this time period it would almost be like a big party to attract people, but since the pandemic, things had to change.

“It’s harder to knock door to door. It’s hard to make a big event with food and drinks and all that would normally draw in a lot more people,” said Jim Wertz, Chairman for the Erie Democratic Party.

Wertz said that this is their plan during the pandemic.

“What we would do is host smaller events and invite folks from all over the county to come and sign the petition so we make sure we get great candidates for the ballot this year,” said Wertz.

During the first step of the election process, it’s important that each candidate expresses their vision for what they have planned to better the community in Erie.

“Through collaboration, through unity, we can all come together to build a stronger community. That’s my vision is that we work together and move our community forward,” said Carl Anderson, Candidate for Erie County Executive.

The petition window runs until March 9th. The plan according to the chairman of the Democratic party is to try and do something every weekend along with a few small events to help with the the petition party.

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