The Erie County Election Board submitted its unofficial returns form to the Department of
State today.

The form requires unofficial numbers for statewide offices such as Judge of the Supreme Court. It also gages the number of provisional or other types of ballots still left to count.

Erie County has completed its processing of 128 provisional ballot, and 217 hand counted ballots.

The Election staff continues to adjudicate some 3,000 mail in ballots and 14,000 write-in votes.

Counting software checks ballots scanned at polling places, and mail ballots scanned at the election

If an extraneous mark appears for a race, or if there is an over-vote (the selection of too many
candidates), the race is marked zero until adjudication.

The adjudication process involves the examination of ballot images by the Election staff to discern voter intent in those situations.

All the votes, in all the contests counted already remain so. Adjudication considers only previously
uncounted votes in various contests.

Once adjudication of write-in and ballot votes and are complete, Final Unofficial results will be posted at

Counties must complete the canvass by June 7, 2021. Certification of the results must occur by June 17, 2021.

“As always, the manual count of write-in votes is a painstaking process. Each individual ballot must be carefully reviewed. Although we seem to re-learn it with every election, the simple truth is that every vote does count. We owe the voters a final tally that is accurate and reliable, and we will have that shortly,” said Mary Rennie, Chairwoman of Erie County Election Board.

Voters submitted 14,818 write-in votes at the polls and via mail in ballot.

Local Primaries such as this one traditionally feature high numbers of write-ins, due in part to vacant positions on the ballots in municipalities and the election of Judges and Inspectors of Election.