It’s National Voter Registration Day and the Erie County Election Office is making an effort, in and outside of the office, to assist people in having a voice in the upcoming election.

Workers said they’re available and ready to assist people in the voting registration process for Nov. 8, as they said voting in this election is as important as any other.

The Erie County Election Office is presenting opportunities to Erie residents to become registered voters for the upcoming mid-term election with a voter outreach event.

Staff said the goal is to get as many eligible voters registered as possible.

“We had about 10 people sign up for the polls and got a couple of registrations in,” said Randall Sutter, election clerk, Erie County Election Office.

Along with the election office, several other organizations and groups are taking to the community to register people to vote according to the election supervisor.

“We had about 100 voter registrations come in just yesterday,” said Tonia Fernandez, election supervisor, Erie County Election Office.

Sutter added that holding voter outreach events, especially in Erie County, is beneficial in reaching all portions of the community. Residents also have the option to register by visiting the election office as well as online.

“Our office is always here to help. We are a voter service office so you can give us a call you can stop in you can go online,” added Fernandez. “It’s a simple process. You just have to fill out a form and provide some personal information. Then we’ll get you registered and we’ll send you a Voter ID, which will tell you what polling location you’re assigned to.”

A county clerk told us why voting in the mid-term election is just as important as voting in the presidential election.

“Gubernatorial, municipal and local elections are just as important as presidential elections because your local government and the state government tends to impact your day-to-day life even more than normal. So it’s still important to register and vote and to get out and participate in those,” Sandall added.

The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 8 election is Oct. 24 by 5 p.m. You can learn more information on how to register to vote here.