The results of the primary election initially reflected the non partisan votes, which also resulted in some confusion for some people checking on the county website.

Clerk of Elections Doug Smith explained that the percentage of voters was initially so high because they had scanned almost all of the paper ballots at that time.

Smith said that it wasn’t as if voters were lost, it was a presentation issue.

The vendor the county uses, Dominion Voting Systems, experienced some difficulties calculating the votes of three parties, non partisan, Republican and Democratic ballots.

Smith said that in the future, the county and the system will be prepared to calibrate the correct percentages.

“It won’t happen again. It was a one time mistake. As far as we are concerned all of the numbers by the end of the evening were rectified and properly presented,” said Doug Smith, Clerk of Elections for Erie County.

Write in ballots from the primary election continue to be certified.

The deadline for the election to be certified is June 17th.