Erie County residents share the importance of voting this election

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With thousands of people casting their ballot today, some people are sharing why they are doing so.

Here is a look at what voters have to say about the importance of voting.

Whether it is in person or through the mail, millions of Americans are making their voices heard this election.

Many people are saying that the importance of voting is in the people’s voice.

Election Day gives multiple generations a chance to show who they want to see take office in local and national offices.

“If you want things to change, make sure you vote both locally, state level and national level because they all interconnect together,” said Madison Pryor, Erie County Voter.

One reason why voting is so important is is setting the right example for children while showing them they can make their voices heard.

“I want to teach them that later on in life that they have this huge opportunity to become this incredible individual who makes their voice heard, that’s huge for me,” said Teresa Laird, Erie County Voter.

Others said that the reason they cast their vote ballot is because of those who fought to give them this right.

“We’ve finally got the ability to do this and it’s just so important because it’s our voice and a lot of power. We can help shape the future by executing our vote and just being part of the system and part of the people and the voice that moves us forward,” said Charlene Schaff, Erie County Voter.

It is also believed by voting you are helping dictate the future for issues that you believe in.

“There’s a lot going on in the world now in terms of systematic racism and injustice, climate change, a global pandemic and this is a way for everyday people to make their voices heard on how those situations are handled,” said Zachary Brady, Erie County Voter.

“A lot of times people talk about what’s not going on or what they want done and they don’t vote, so I think it’s very important to vote,” said Pryor.

Voters said that something important to note is that people of all ages are casting their ballots.

This shows more diversity in this years count.

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