Erie County Sheriff Chris Campanelli weighed in on safety measures in place to protect the ballots on Election Day.

Sheriff Campanelli said the effort required everyone to be involved and that security is provided at the courthouse for the incoming ballots once the polling locations are closed.

In addition, sheriff’s deputies will be stationed throughout the county, ready to respond to potential incidents at the polls.

He also said providing security during the election is essential to make sure the voting process is efficient and correct.

“Elections are the most important right that we have other than, to myself, military service. It’s the only other right we have and it’s a public necessity as far as I’m concerned. You can’t complain if you don’t vote, and it has to be protected so it’s done right,” Sheriff Campanelli said.

Campanelli added the sheriff’s office will also provide security on Nov. 10 at the Erie County Courthouse for the official count.