Erie native to moderate the next presidential debate

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A seasoned journalist from Erie will soon take on the task of being the moderator of the next presidential debate.

We reached out to the Erie native about his reaction to the upcoming task and what he’s doing to prepare.

We spoke to Erie native Steve Scully about this opportunity.

After last night’s heated and chaotic debate, Steve Scully told us that he is excited for the opportunity and that he is already preparing for what could be another hostile debate that will also be a townhall style format.

The presidential debate last night at times was a bit chaotic.

The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden tested a journalist who is no stranger to D.C.’s political fights.

Erie native Steve Scully is slated to follow Chris Wallace’s seat while moderating the second presidential debate. Scully told us that he is ready.

“It’s a great opportunity. I can feel the support from the people of Erie. I have been getting a lot of emails from friends and family. It will be an important debate,” said Steve Scully, C-Span Political Editor.

The second debate will facilitate questions and engage with the president and vice president on issues that voters care about.

If the second showdown becomes anything like the first, Scully is prepared.

“I’m from a very large family in Erie, Pennsylvania, so I have a lot of brothers and sisters and they’ve put me in my place and I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Scully said.

Scully said that he hopes the second debate will give people that are on the fence a chance to hear both sides of a conversation in a calmer manner.

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