Erie Political Analyst Dr. David Kozak speaks on voting trends for the 2020 Presidential Election

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Long time Erie Political Analyst Dr. David Kozak said that it is hard to identify voting trends in a year as strange as 2020.

Dr. Kozak said that most analysts look for key indicators in as few as six states that could give some early clues as to which way the race for the White House is breaking.

The retired Gannon professor said that any candidate that can take two of the three key states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio would be hard to beat.

Dr. Kozak said that analysts tell him to look for an early clue that will come from a state you might not expect.

“Georgia is central. If Georgia with it’s demographics are strongly red and it has a lot of Trump supporters. If Georgia would somehow wonder and look like it might be heading into the blue column for Biden, that would be an early indicator that we might be in for a tough night,” said Dr. David Kozak, PHD, Political Analyst.

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