With many people across the region casting their ballots, some shared why they decided to do so.

WJET stopped by the voting center at JoAnna Connell Elementary on East 38th Street to ask voters what kind of change they’re looking for.

People at the polls said whether you voted early, in-person today, or by mail-in, it’s always important to cast your vote.

Voters explained they’re using his civic duty to vote for people who he thinks will help further revitalize the city.

“We gotta get jobs back, we gotta put people to work. You remember Erie in the old days? This town was a boom town. I’d really love to see those days return,” said Danny Kay, voter

“If we don’t vote then we’ll get people in there we don’t want. Vote who you think is the best,” said Sybil Berarducci, voter.

If you haven’t voted already, polls are open until 8 p.m. on Tuesday.