Former U.S. Senator denounces President Trump’s words in favor of Joe Biden

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While President Trump speaks to the crowd in Erie, a former U.S. Senator is denouncing the president’s words in favor of Joe Biden.

Heidi Heitkamp said that voters must turn out this year and that a vote for Biden will help save the economy.

As President Trump rallies with a crowd in Erie, Heidi Heitkamp said that it’s time to bring sanity back to the country.

“President Donald Trump’s 2016 election was he promised to unite our country, to bring us together. He has divided us like no other president in the past,” said Heidi Heitkamp, (D), Spokesperson for Biden Campaign.

Heitkamp further explained that with record unemployment and promises unfilled from the current administration, she is backing Biden.

The former vice president took aim at Trump calling his visit to Erie a desperate attempt to distract Pennsylvanians from what Biden calls four years of failure.

Biden believes that the President has shipped jobs away and given major tax breaks to big corporations and the elite.

Biden also believes that the president intentionally mislead Pennsylvanians during the pandemic and is now trying to take away healthcare protections. Biden stated that the president broke that promise and has repeatedly failed Pennsylvania’s families over the last four years.

A major concern in America other than the economy is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heitkamp believes that the president is posing risk to the American people with his rallies, unlike Biden who held private rallies.

“I’m not impressed one bit by a huge crowd. To me that shows the irresponsibility of the current leadership,” said Heitkamp.

Biden also stated that “The working families that I met with when I was in Erie earlier this month deserve a president who will fight for them on day one.”

As a man in his late 70’s, don’t let his age fool you.

“Ronald Reagan famously said that we’re not going to use your inexperience against you when someone criticized him for his age. So lets not be ageist, lets look at who best equated to lead this country,” said Heitkamp.

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