(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Melissa Hart made an appearance in Erie on Wednesday, March 23.

Hart held a press conference at the Flagship City Food Hall to address the economic development issues in Pennsylvania as well as Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Hart, of suburban Pittsburgh, is the only Western Pennsylvanian running for Pennsylvania governor. She is a former state Senator and member of Congress

In an interview Wednesday after receiving a tour at the Flagship City Food Hall, Hart said that Erie appreciates the beauty of downtown as well as the historic buildings.

Former Congressman Phil English of Erie endorsed her candidacy.

“Melissa Hart is not only the only woman and the only westerner in this race, but the only reform-minded Republican with a proven record of winning tough elections by building coalitions that reach across the political divide by concentrating on the issues that matter most to working families.”

Phil English, Former Congressman of Erie