The House Democratic Policy Committee hosted a hearing to discuss the 2020 Presidential Election and what lawmakers can do to protect future elections.

Policy Committee Chairman Ryan Bizzarro and Democratic Caucus members along with Republicans are examining the 2020 Presidential Election and what Pennsylvania has done to protect people’s votes and what more the members plan to do in the future.

The recent Presidential Election brought a lot of uncertainty if this was a fair election or not.

Lawmakers got together to discuss ways to make sure future elections will be protected and fair.

“We have folks from our Department of State and folks Democrat and Republicans from counties across Pennsylvania to share with Pennsylvanians how this election was fair and how this election was safe,” said Jordan Harris, Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

A Republican city commissioner also shared his views on the election process in the State of Pennsylvania.

“It’s absolutely the right time and absolutely the right thing to do to have a bipartisan dialogue when it comes to improving elections in Pennsylvania,” said Al Schmidt, Republican City Commissioner.

House Democratic Policy Chairman Bizzarro explained how the votes were recorded.

“Everybody fills out a paper ballot, they put it through the machine, it runs it like a Scranton, your vote is recorded appropriately whether you are voting in person or applying for a mail-in ballot, everybody is getting the same piece of paper, the same paper ballot and there is a trail with that ballot,” said Ryan Bizzarro, House Democratic Policy Chairman, 3rd District.

We talked to the deputy chief of elections and commissions discussing what they have done to protect Pennsylvania’s election process.

“Within the last two years counties upgraded their voting systems, replaced their old voting systems that had no paper trail with new voting systems that employ the advanced standards of security and have that paper trail,” said Jonathan Marks, Deputy Secretary for Elections and Commissions.

Bizzarro said that the way to improve the election process in the future is to count the ballots ahead of time.