Hundreds of President Trump supporters sailed out on Lake Erie for a boat parade rally

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Hundreds of President Trump supporters and their boats sailed out on Lake Erie this afternoon.

We spoke to some of the people who attended the rally.

The parade was actually organized by a 19-year-old student at Gannon University. The student declined to speak on camera saying that he has received multiple death threats.

Hundreds of boats gathered down at Presque Isle making their way towards Dobbins Landing.

One person who is visiting from out of town said that he was impressed with what he saw from one of the beaches on Presque Isle.

“Seventy five boats more boats have shown up and I think about 95% of them have Trump flags on them so that’s pretty cool. Great show of support for our president. There really is a silent majority out here,” said Mark Webb, Reacting to Trump Boat Parade.

One Erie Trump supporter said that it’s great to see such a large turnout and eye catching display of boats.

“It just shows a lot of love for America’s values and our love for our president and our support,” said Adam Stanzzyk, Reacting to Trump Boat Parade.

Erie County Councilman Brian Shank made an appearance at Dobbins Landing with other Trump supporters to welcome the parade of boats.

“Put a thing on Facebook and said hey we got a boat parade coming in we want to come out and show our support for the folks out on the water. So we got together a couple of friends. It’s a beautiful day and is what freedom is all about,” said Brian Shank, (R) Erie County Councilman.

Some protesters arrived at Dobbins landing engaging in a back and forth with Trump supporters.

Shank stated that everyone has a right to their own opinion.

“That’s what makes America great. We’re allowed to have a difference of opinion,” said Shank.

Dobbins Landing has been pretty congested with cars and people today. Both Trump supporters and protesters have been arguing with police nearby as well.

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