Correction: The name of one of the candidates was previously incorrect, and has been updated to reflect the right candidate.

Once again, election season is right around the corner.

Candidates from all over Erie County have been working on petitions that would make them eligible to be on the ballot this May, but the deadline is coming up soon.

Republicans and Democrats have been hard at work organizing candidates to run for opening positions all throughout Erie County in the spring primary.

“People think about elections when there’s a presidential election. The in between elections, people have the tendency to say well that’s just not as important,” said Tom Eddy, Erie County Republican Party chairman.

“This is where the rubber meets the road. If you don’t like the way that your roads are paved, if you don’t like the way that your school is run, if you don’t like your tax bill where you live, those are all things that get addressed in these elections,” said Jim Wertz, Erie County Democratic Party chairman.

Everything from school board members, district judges, city council and county council representatives and more are on the table this May.

“So far we’ve received around 70 nomination petitions. So, we’re expecting around 120 to 150,” said Tonia Fernandez, director of elections.

Both party leaders in Erie County agree that the most talked about race is likely to be for Erie County Council.

“There’s a lot of interest in the county council races that are going on. County government seems to be a bit of a mess right now and people are interested in seeing that stabilized,” Wertz went on to say.

There are four seats available.

Republicans Ellen Schauerman and Brian Shank running for re-election in Districts 7 and 5, along with Democrats Terry Scutella and Mary Rennie looking for another term in Districts 1 and 3.

Along with local elections, several important positions will be determined on a state level, those being in the Appellate Courts.

“Those are very important courts because if you really look at what takes place at the state, it all goes to the courts and how the courts rule is how often times laws are overturned or interpreted or whatever it may be,” Eddy explained.

Those nomination petitions being required in order to be placed on the ballot are due next Tuesday on March 7.