Local educators are discussing the best ways to approach the impeachment trials with their students

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Local educators are discussing the best ways to approach the impeachment trials with their students. This comes just a week before another historic event.

Here is more on how educators are using this as a part of their class discussions.

The educators we spoke to said that the impeachment could be confusing, especially the process and different verbiage used within the government. Now these educators are using this as a teachable moment.

It’s another event in history that could be used for years to come.

“Only a handful of American presidents have been impeached in all of American history. It’s a rare phenomenon. When it occurs, it should be a matter of national concern,” said Dr. Joe Morris, Political Analyst at Mercyhurst University.

Dr. Morris said that while the process could be quick, it’s unlikely that the impeachment would happen before President Trump leaves office.

Instead, articles of impeachment could be presented to the senate at a later date.

One Fairview government teacher is using these historic events as a discussion in his classroom.

“There’s a lot of terms being thrown around and used. There are a lot of procedures, the context define those terms,” said Benjamin Barbour, Fairview High School Teacher.

Barbour is using discussions and homework assignments as a way for students to formalize their own opinions on the impeachment trials.

“I do try to engage them on the issues. In our classes we never shy away from controversy. I foster a class where students can formalize their own opinions,” said Barbour.

Students are also asked to review documents and amendments to support their opinion in class.

Barbour said that he is also implementing a lesson plan for students to review social media posts which will help them review information from factual sources.

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