Local groups look to get the word out on National Voter Registration Day

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It’s National Voter Registration Day and many groups are looking to get the word out. Here is a look at some of these initiatives.

There’s a push from both parties to get voters to the polls this year. That encouragement hit the streets of Downtown Erie to make sure residents are registered to vote.

Students at one local university are emphasizing the power of voting.

This is an effort to show the importance of casting your ballot this November.

“There’s been complacency. People just think oh people are going to vote for that person and that’s going to be the outcome. My voice, my vote never matters anyway. I think people are seeing that they have a voice and they want to use it,” said Mary Coleman from The Erie County League of Women Voters.

A push that brings everyone together no matter what party they affiliate themselves with.

“Events like this are a great example of places where Democrats and Republicans do come together and agree that a high level of civic engagement helps us be a better nation,” said Dr. Joe Morris from Mercyhurst University.

Advocates said that the goal is just to increase votes for this Fall and raise awareness through events that target different demographics.

“We’ve had a terrible turnout in the past. In the last election we have had less than half. In the last election, we had sometimes as low as 20% voter participation,” said Coleman.

One voter went on to explain how important it is to reach out to younger people when it comes to the election this year.

“We are the future this generation. Right now I looked up a quick statistic from the BBC and of the people who will be voting, a third will be of millennial and under. This will be our election where we will get a bite and we will have to continue working with that because it will be our voices for the next 60 years,” said Douglas Wilsch, Student at Mercyhurst University.

The deadline to register to vote for this year’s election is October 19th.

To register to vote, click here.

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