Local leaders react to the inauguration of President Joe Biden

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Local leaders are reacting to the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Several local leaders said that this is a moment of change for the nation as the second Catholic president selects a diverse cabinet and begins his term in office.

It’s been 58 years since a Catholic occupied the White House. Bishop Lawrence Persico described the inauguration of President Biden as a moment of joy for some people across the nation.

“We certainly aren’t on the same page when it comes to abortion and marriage and gender, so we have to see how that will play out in the future.” Bishop Persico said.

Bishop Persico said that he believes Americans need to be more unified, including those in congress.

“I hope that members in the congress heard that too so that they can work together for the betterment of all people,” said Bishop Persico.

One political analyst agreed with the bishop. Dr. Joe Morris said that there is too much division within the American society today. Dr. Morris believes that President Biden wants to change that with a message that has been consistent.

“Biden said that we must end this uncivil war that puts red against blue, rural against urban, and conservative against liberal. I think that is the overarching theme of his campaign,” Morris said.

Dr. Morris says one thing that stands out to him is Joe Biden’s commitment to diversity.

“Joe Biden has put together an incredibly diverse cabinet that reflects the nation as a whole. This cabinet looks like America,” Morris said.

Morris adding he believes President Biden’s priority in the first 100 days in office is to make a long term plan to address the pandemic.

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