Local leaders weigh in on new national voting restrictions

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Many Republican legislators across the nation seek to usher in a raft of new voting restrictions.

At least 250 new laws have been proposed in 43 states to limit mail, early in-person and Election Day voting.

The G.O.P’s national push to enact hundreds of new election restrictions could impact millions of American voters if it goes through.

Erie County Democratic and Republican Party leaders weighed in on this national issue.

“Voting is very, very important. It’s the cornerstone of who we are, so what is wrong with saying ‘Hey, this is who I am?’ Was there fraud in the last election last election cycle, I believe there was. I think the number officially was 2%.” said Brian Shank, Councilman in Erie County 5th District.

“Now, Republicans are across the country, state legislatures including Pennsylvania are trying to figure out how to roll out the election reforms that they created in 2019 and in 2020 and begin to suppress that vote.” said Jim Wertz, Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party.

On Friday, Major League Basetball announced that they’re moving the 2021 All-Star game out of Atlanta in response to the new Georgia voting law.

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