We reached out to a local political analyst to learn more about what voters can expect at Wednesday night’s GOP debate.

Dr. Joe Morris from Mercyhurst University said this debate serves as an opportunity for candidates to make an impression. Adding that for some voters, this may be the first time they hear from these candidates.

Dr. Morris said since former President Donald Trump is not participating, the other candidates will have to answer more questions.

“In all likelihood, Ron DeSantis is going to have the toughest time tonight. Unfortunately for candidates, the higher you are in the polls the more likely you are to be attacked. Since Donald Trump isn’t there, that leaves Ron DeSantis at the top, and a lot of these candidates are going to be taking this opportunity to knock him down a few notches,” Dr. Morris said.

The two-hour debate is set to start at 9 p.m. Wednesday night on the Fox News channel.