Local pro-life organizations speak out about their reasoning for political protests

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Over this past weekend, members of the Erie community came together to support and protest Vice President Biden’s visit to Erie.

We spoke to experts who are familiar with protesting to learn why people choose to protest this kind of political event.

The executive director of People for Life said that some people protesting Biden’s visit on Saturday wanted to voice their opinion about abortion laws as it relates to this upcoming election.

“To me the stakes are very high,” said Tim Broderick, Executive Director for People for Life.

Broderick expressed his concerns about this election. He said that some Erie residents chose to protest Joe Biden’s visit to voice their own opinion about Bidens stance on issues such as abortion.

“Remind people to think about these issues cause I think they’re important and when possible to let the people know you know what the candidates stand for,” said Broderick.

One Benedictine Sister with a history of protesting said that peaceful protesting can be an effective way to make a social or political change.

“We’re learning more about the effectiveness of non-violence as a strategy. Non-violence campaigns for creating social change,” said Sister Anne McCarthy, Coordinator for Benedictines for Peace.

Sister Anne McCarthy said that sometimes when people are protesting, they are trying to raise public awareness or reach an individual politician.

“What’s the message and who do you want to hear the message and sometimes the message is the general public that your trying to raise awareness and educate on an issue and other times it’s the individual politician,” said Sister Anne McCarthy.

Sister Anne McCarthy added that though some people protest for attention, often media attention, there are instances where people are solely driven by their beliefs.

“When we have a deeply housed belief that is different than the belief of those around us and our conscience calls us sometimes even if it might seem completely ineffective if nobody seems to be watching,” said Sister Anne McCarthy.

Sister McCarthy said that peaceful protests can be an effective way to make social or political changes.

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