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The race for the White House if officially underway. The Iowa Caucuses kicked off Monday, but technical problems have delayed the results.

The Iowa Democratic Party is hoping to soon release some of yesterday’s results from the Monday night caucuses. As results come in, the state’s Democratic Party hopes to brief the various campaigns.

A clearer picture is expected later tonight as many of those candidates have already set off for New Hampshire.

The issue that arose out of yesterday’s Iowa Caucuses left many wondering what’s next.

We spoke with political expert Dr. Joe Morris of Mercyhurst University about the impact this could have on the election process.

“For decades we’ve been talking about perhaps reforming the nomination process and there’s all sorts of plans out there. I think that in the coming months we are going to have a national conversation about whether or not Iowa should be first in the nation,” said Dr. Joe Morris, Chairman of Political Science Department, Mercyhurst University.

The campaigns will move to New Hampshire with that state holding its primary on February 11th.

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