Local Republicans gather to knock on doors and be part of President Donald Trump’s campaign

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Local Republicans gathered this morning at the Trump Victory Headquarters over on West 12th Street.

Members of the community were gathered while getting ready to knock on doors and be part of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Republican County Councilman Brian Shank said that the folks knocking on doors use maps and an app that allows them to see information about the voters.

The app allows the folks knocking on doors to see whether the people they are visiting are Democrat or Republican.

Shank said that knocking on doors can be an effective campaign strategy.

“Knocking on doors is a proven fact that it helps you with the polls. I mean people want a piece of literature. They want to see somebody that actually cares and takes the time to really represent their politician,” said Brian Shank, County Councilman, 5th District.

Shank added that they are reaching out to Republicans as well to ensure a strong party base will be voting for Donald Trump.

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