Local residents speak out about voting in person on Election Day

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Many voters have already cast their ballot either by voting early or mailing in their ballot, but some waited until today however.

We spoke to voters about why they chose to head to the polls this Election Day.

Many voters said that they didn’t want to wait or worry about a mail-in ballot and some voters said it’s just what they are familiar with.

While there are some long lines, other people voted in as little as five minutes.

“It just makes you feel more involved and more in touch with the opportunity of voting,” said Lee Barney, Voter at the Booker T. Washington center.

Barney said that voting in person is what he saw his family do while growing up. He has always considered voting a duty that he doesn’t take for granted.

“You have a right and there were times when we didn’t always have that right, so now we must take advantage of that right. It’s a duty of ours because we have ancestors that died for this right,” said Barney.

Another voter said that he didn’t want to have to worry about the status of a mail-in ballot.

“I prefer to just put it right in. I don’t have to wonder if it got through I don’t have to wonder if someone couldn’t read it and I think it’s a better option to go with,” said Jim Held, Voting on Election Day.

A chance to vote in person is leading some people to feel like they’ve left their mark on history.

“This is my first time voting and I did just happen to turn 18 last year so this is kind of good to say and look back on,” said Tia Snippert, Voting on Election Day.

Snippert, a first time voter, added that she missed early voting and the opportunity to request a mail-in ballot. She said that it was still important for her to cast a ballot.

“Every vote matters so everyone should taker their time to go out and vote even if it is a last minute thing like I did,” said Snippert.

If you are waiting in line to vote when the polls close at 8 p.m. you can still vote. You can’t be turned away if you’re in line before 8.

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