As we hit the presidential campaign homestretch, hundreds of local Trump supporters were making some noise on October 18th as they wanted to keep him in the white house for four more years.

Here is more on the car parade that took place around Erie County and why some supporters believe today’s event was crucial come election time.

The event is a way for supporters to peacefully come together and show their support for President Trump.

Some supporters added that this rally is exactly what is needed just days before President Trump’s campaign stop.

It’s the final stretch until the November election and Trump supporters are taking initiative to help with President Trump’s re-election.

“We remind ourselves that what we do matters. What we’re doing is important, and our country is better off if Trump is re-elected and that’s it,” said Jim Nolan, Girard Resident.

Hundreds of supporters are taking a stance through a car parade traveling throughout North East, Fairview, Downtown Erie, and the Peninsula.

This comes after Erie went red during the 2016 election and organizers believe this parade is a way to help declare victory again.

“We want to make sure that everybody knows in this town, silent majority isn’t silent anymore. We’re here to make noise. This is the biggest election. We’re excited to vote,” said Brian Shank, Organizer of the Trump Parade.

supporters honked and waved their flags across town in hopes of bringing attention to others who are still questioning who to vote for.

Trump supporters believe that this parade will speak volume just days before the president’s campaign stop in Erie.

“This election isn’t a popularity contest. It’s not about who’s the most likable guy. It’s about who can get America back on their feet, and that’s where we were before this election,” said Lori Zaumseil, Wattsburg Resident.

President Trump is expected to make a campaign stop in Erie County on Tuesday.

Supporters that were in attendance of the parade were asked to donate canned food as an entry fee.