Mayoral Candidate Tom Spagel calls on Mayor Schember to debate in public

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According to Democratic Mayoral hopeful Tom Spagel and his team today, Spagel has now called-out incumbent Joe Schember’s refusal to publicly debate issues prior to the May 18 debate.

Spagel said the need for a debate is especially acute, given Schember’s recent television ads declaring that he saved the city millions of dollars while dancing around issues such as his bookkeeping sleight-of-hand in handing over the Erie Water Works for fractions on the dollar.

“Joe Schember has been airing a collection of used car ads masquerading as policy messages on local television. His numbers and promises don’t hold up and he ought to be made to support them in a public forum,” Spagel said.

Spagel, a decorated Iraq war veteran and small businessman, has called on Mayor Schember to debate not only him, but political newcomer Sydney Zimmerman.

“It’s important for Erie voters to examine the candidates in a setting where they can compare their answers and policy ideas,” Spagel said. “That’s probably why he wants to avoid a debate.”

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