With less than 30 days until the elections in November, JET 24 is taking a look at several of the key races.

We spoke with Democratic Congressional Candidate Kristy Gnibus to learn more about her background and why she believes she can best represent the 16th district.

Candidate for congress, Kristy Gnibus, said that she is ready to represent the 16th district of Pennsylvania being a Pennsylvania native.

“I grew up my whole life I grew up on a 100 acres of farm land, worked hard for everything that I have, first in my family to go to college, to be a teacher,” said Kristy Gnibus, Candidate for Congress.

Gnibus said that her experience as a teacher has helped her understand a variety of perspectives in the community.

“Teaching in public schools for over twelve years, seeing all walks of life, have experienced multiple different school districts to see the disparities from zip code to zip code and I think that really puts me in a good position to go to Washington and advocate for the everyday working class person of this district,” said Gnibus.

Gnibus said that one issue she has heard that the district is concerned about is healthcare.

After so many people have lost their jobs they’re worried that they won’t have access to the care and medications they need.

Gnibus said that another issue she wants to address is education, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

“Navagating COVID, education, making sure that their kids are getting the education they need and parents are able to get to work and provide for their families we’re seeing parents now myself included who are struggling with my kids learning at home and making sure that I can still do my job,” said Gnibus.

Gnibus added though balancing being a parent, working, and campaigning can be difficult at times she said she can handle the challenge.

“I’ve always worked incredibly hard from the very beginning so adding this to my plate is exceptionally importantly and difficult but nothing out of the ordinary for me, I’m a fighter. I beat cancer. I’m a single parent. I’ve been at school while also working full time,” said Gnibus.

Gnibus said that all of these factors also contribute to her understanding the people in the 16th district.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with party. It doesn’t have anything to do with who the president is. This job is somebody who can take what is going on here and truly make decisions that are best for here. I feel that I’m so much like everyone here that I’ll be able to do that,” said Gnibus.

You can watch the full interview with Kristy Gnibus below.