Meet the Candidates- Ryan Bizzarro and Greg Hayes

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We continue our profiles of local candidates with Election Day quickly approaching.

This week we take a look at the candidates running for State Representative in the Third District.

We spoke with both Democratic incumbent Ryan Bizzarro and Republican challenger Greg Hayes to learn about why each candidate believes they can represent the Third District.

Ryan Bizzarro, the current State Representative for Pennsylvania’s Third District said that he’s worked with both parties since he took office back in 2012.

“If voters are looking for somebody who can bridge the gap and can really work with the other side in order to deliver, that’s me, that has historically been me since I’ve taken office when I campaigned in 2012 the first time I ran for this office. I promised the voters I would work with whoever I had to work with in order to get the job done,” said Ryan Bizzarro, (D) State Representative, Third District.

Bizzarro said that due to these uncertain times he believes the future Third District state representative should have experience with this position.

“Leadership that has been time tested and proved is needed now more than ever. I think if voters look at my record, look at what I’ve been able to deliver for this community and for Pennsylvania’s across the commonwealth, there’s no comparison between my opponent and I,” said Bizzarro.

Bizzarro’s opponent, Republican Candidate for State Representative, Greg Hayes, said that he’s witnessed the communities support for his candidacy and the Republican party.

“I’ve been talking to local legislators, a lot of local people that are in office. I’ve worked with Brian Shank obviously quite a bit and I’m very happy with what I’ve seen, the enthusiasm is there. The participation is obviously there,” said Greg Hayes, (R), Candidate for State Representative, Third District.

Hayes said that if he is elected, he will try to advocate for job growth in Erie and throughout the Third District.

“We want job growth. We want to see new businesses come in and new businesses aren’t gonna come in with this corporate tax law. We have to lower that. If you have a choice between New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, there’s not a whole lot of difference in whether the demographics are everything else. It is a difference as far as how we encourage them to come in,” said Hayes.

Hayes added that by bringing more manufacturing jobs back to the region, he envisions Erie as a place where residents want to work, live and eventually retire.

“No we’re not a resort community. We have always been a hard working, manufacturing kind of location and that needs to be encouraged more than it has been done,” said Hayes.

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