The primary election is just around the corner and we continue our election coverage while hearing from candidates running for Erie county executive.

Two candidates will be on the Republican ballot for Erie county executive this year.

We spoke with both Republican candidates Brenton Davis and Shawn Wroblewski.

One of these candidates said that his top priority is public safety, while the other candidate said that he is focused on pandemic recovery.

Davis and Wroblewski are the two republican candidates running for Erie county executive.

Wroblewski has been a paramedic in Erie county for more than 20 years and is pursuing a masters in public leadership and emergency management.

He said that the protests and riots in Erie last May inspired him to get into politics and run for Erie County Executive.

“We don’t enforce the laws. We are non judgmental and I was in one of the ambulances that got attacked, and I just said that’s enough. Politicians and other people are encouraging this behavior and can’t condone this,” said Shawn Wroblewski, (R), Running for Erie County Executive.

Wroblewski said that through his work as a paramedic, he has met many constituents and wants to voice the peoples concerns.

“I wanna see what the issues are on the streets. I’ve talked to a lot of people while I was working in their homes. There are a lot of people that need other resources that the community and the county have not been giving them and we need to start addressing some of these issues get people back up and back on their feet,” said Wroblewski.

The other candidate on the Republican ballot said that the pandemic recovery is his number one priority.

“Anybody that has lived through this past year can attest that we have come across the worst economic downturn of our generation or many generations,” said Brenton Davis, (R), Running for Erie County Executive.

Brenton Davis is a veteran and a business owner who also ran for Erie county executive in 2017.

Davis said that he has been working on a plan for economic recovery.

“I’ve started with several county commissioners doing what’s called the tristate, to interconnect our micro economies. So if the water rises we all float,” said Davis.

Tomorrow we will continue our coverage on the candidates running for Erie County Executive.