Erie City Councilman Michael Keys announced he’s running for reelection in fall 2023.

Michael Keys was elected to Erie City Council in 2019, and says he wants to continue to serve the Erie community. For City of Erie voters, Keys will appear on the Democratic ticket in the May primary election.

Come 2024, there will be four open spots on Erie City Council.

Councilman Keys said during his time on council, he supported an improvement for Rodger Young Park. He added that he hopes to continue to advocate for the Erie community.

Keys announced his candidacy at the Alex Thompson Apartments on West 3rd Street on Tuesday.

“As we stand in front of this apartment building, which serves senior citizens, I’d like to see more developments in neighborhoods that serve the people in the neighborhoods in which they live,” said Michael Keys.

Tyler Titus, the former Erie School Board president, is also running for Erie City Council.