The deadline for candidates running in the primary election is approaching.

Potential candidates running in 2023 need to submit their petitions to the Erie County Election Office by Tuesday, March 7.

Dozens of potential candidates were lining up to submit their petitions Monday afternoon. There are vacant seats on Erie County Council, Erie City Council, the Erie School Board and several other offices.

Erie County Clerk Julie Slomski said representatives at the election office are available to help potential candidates submit their petitions.

“We had a training process. We have everything available online to help them out. If they have any questions, we answer them on the phone or we answer them right here. So we have folks sitting out in the hall, we’re trying to get their questions answered and get them all set before they come in. Some folks have made some errors, they need to go fix those errors and then come back in — concerns with their circulators — but again, making sure everything’s all set,” said Slomski.

The deadline to submit petitions is Tuesday, March 7 at 4:30 p.m.